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Hi, I'm Vince.

A self-thought Singapore-based photographer and videographer. I never knew what I wanted to do. Until one day my father bought a camera and I've fallen in love with it since picking it up. I started taking photos in my free time; street, animals, travel and mostly portraits. What I've come to realised I'm most interested in is actually those non-posey types, just raw, candid moments. Those moments when I'm doing activities, celebrating or travelling with my friends and family.

I got into wedding photography when I was in National Service as a favour to a friend. 6 months before I ORD-ed, we thought of opening a company after but we needed a videographer. Since no one actually wanted to do it. I learned everything I could on Youtube and took a whole lot of couple pre-wedding videos even some overseas one for free,I
ncluding my own personal travel videos. Just so I can get some real experience. 


That was 6 years ago. I've recently decided to go out on my own, so I'll actually be doing both now. 

When I'm doing couple shoots, I want to capture emotions and moment that shows your personalities and relationship. I want to show your stories to the world. It should be a celebrated 'chapter' of your life.




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