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Hokkaido Pre-Wedding
A C T U A L  D A Y
J E R E M Y  &  S H I  H U I
The couple held their wedding at the somewhere we have could have never expected to have such a great view. At iFly Singapore rooftop. Watch as the sun sets during the this beautiful solemnisation.
A C T U A L  D A Y
J O N A T H A N  &  L O U I S A
One of our most fun-loving couple we have. Super fun gate crash and celebrated with their closes friends. Held at the beautiful Park Royal Collection Marina Bay Hotel.
Kevin and Vanessa.JPG
A C T U A L  D A Y
K E V I N  & V A N E S S A
K + V - Surrounded by the warm embrace of close friends and family, we had the privilege of capturing a truly intimate and heartwarming sunset solemnisation. 
In the gentle glow of the setting sun, amidst the laughter, heartfelt vows, and Kevin singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ by WH, we witnessed a love that radiated with authenticity and sincerity.
A C T U A L  D A Y
I W A N  &  Y U  J U N
An intimate gathering at Empress Restaurant. Started off preparing at Fullerton Hotel and just a short walk across the river. Always a good place to hold a solemnisation.
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